Waiting times

Airport Pick-up: Our driver will wait for you for 1 (one) hour after your plane has landed. If you have correctly indicated your flight number, it will be monitored and our driver will wait for you for one hour after the plane has landed. Flight changes must be communicated at least 24 hours before arrival. If your flight number is incorrect or has changed and we have not been informed, our driver will wait for one hour from the arrival time you have selected in your reservation.

*Please remember that the flight number or departure and arrival times can be modified on our website. Take a look at HOW TO AMEND A RESERVATION.

At other pick-up points such as addresses, ports or train stations the waiting time of our drivers will be 15 minutes.

We cannot be held responsible for the costs incurred due to flight delays or lost travel connections as a result of bad weather conditions, the condition of the roads or any other factor beyond our control.

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